Black Friday’s Best Deals

Holiday Blowouts


2019 Nissan Sentra $199

The Sentra is our blowout deal of the month with the lowest payment avaible on all our models. Zero down Sub $200/Month any questions?

Tacoma Best lease Deal

2018 Toyota Tacoma $269

The SR5 Double Cab is our best deal in a Truck! Loaded with incentives this $30K truck can be had at a economy sedan payment!

Challenger SXT Black best lease deal

2018 Dodge Challenger $315

No Camaro or Mustang comes close to the lease payment of a Challenger! Get into the Coupe you were waiting for!

Our Best Sedan Deal’s

cla Silver lease deals

2019 Mercedes CLA $369

Mercedes Benz engineering and a sub-$400 Payment, what other case needs to be made for the CLA. One of the best equipped sedans on the market!


2019 Toyota Corolla  $219

The Facelifted 2019 Corolla is well built and even better styled! For those looking for a low payment without sacrificing quality, Toyota is King!

Brand New infiniti Q50 one of our Best Lease Deals in Palm Beach & South Florida

2019 Infiniti Q50 Luxe $329

For those looking for full size luxury at a Accord with leather payment, the Q50 Pure is untouchable this Season!

SUV Steals

Rav4 limited

2018 Rav4 XLE $259

The Toyota Crossover Staple

QX60 white

2019 Infiniti QX60 $399

In need of a third row family carrier? The QX60 gives unprecedented space at such a low payment!

Nissan Murano

2018 Nissan Murano S $299

Nissan’s Luxury SUV is full sized, well refined and the lowest its ever been!

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