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LMG Brokers: A Better Way to Car Buying

Getting a new car is one of the most exciting things we do as Americans. We spend countless hours reading reviews, watching Youtube videos and analyzing multiple variables. Once our choices have narrowed we come to the not so fun part; going dealer to dealer, spending multiple hours negotiating prices with aggressive salesman and at the end of the day still leaving unsure of the deal you are getting.

LMG is the alternative. Like Uber was a reaction to an industry that failed to meet the needs of clients, LMG arose as the better more efficient option.

Clients often ask us how we are able to get such aggressive pricing. It’s simple economics. Dealers contract us to help move excess inventory, because we move so many of their cars a month we in turn get massive discounts off their cars. Our client can get the pricing as if he bought multiple models when just getting one. Oh, and minus the dealer fees, doc fees and all the “made-up” fees you can think of.

On top of our normal discounts we meticulously go through every makes monthly programs to find the best lease deals and incentives. We spend the first days of every month going over interest rates, rebates, residuals and credits to only recommend the hottest car deals so you don’t fall prey to dealers “hot buys.”

But pricing isn’t the only reason we have done so well. It’s unfaltering service to the customer. All our cars are delivered contract in hand so the paperwork can be done out of the comfort of your own home. Unless you prefer walking around the dealership for hours waiting on credit approvals, paperwork to get drafted and putting an extra couple thousand down that isn’t needed.

We are also always here 24/7 so if there is an issue you are not alone. All office calls get transferred after hours to a manager so you are always taken care of.

Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.



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