About Us


G etting a new car is one of the most exciting things the we do as human beings. We spend hours reading reviews, watching YouTube videos and comparing every variable from horsepower to styling. Once our options have narrowed, we then begin the grueling task of hopping from dealer to dealer, arguing over prices and finally leaving, sometimes feeling like we paid too much.

img-displayLike Uber was the response to an industry that failed to appropriately meet their customers needs, LMG arose as an alternative to a process often filled with negative connotations.

Through our relationships with wholesalers and high-volume dealers, we give our clients factory, if not below factory, invoice pricing on all our cars- any make, any model.

Every month we go over rebates, interest rates, discounts and incentives so we can recommend that particular month’s best lease deals.

Once a client identifies the vehicle he wants, pricing is presented upfront with ALL COSTS that will be due at signing. We print paperwork and proceed to deliver the vehicle to their personal residence. The customer never has to visit a showroom, haggle with dealers in front of family or be pressured into taking a bad deal.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our Google & Yelp reviews. Our customers have already voiced their thoughts.



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