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April’s Car Sales & Lease Deals

After a lukewarm March, Spring is in high gear this April. Mercedes-Benz seems to have come to the realization that if you discount “the best or nothing” you can sell more cars and still maintain your prestige.

This is something the top-line German automaker rarely does, they had a poor program this holiday even if their sales numbers prove otherwise. Benz is known for selling at a premium, whether it be to maintain their brand or keep profits at a level comparable to Stratton Oakmont, the German’s are sticklers when it comes to releasing rebates. In April though, they decided to take a different approach.

Just about everything seems to have something. (Sorry CLA & GLA you were left out) Leading the charge is the E350 sedan, with a extremely low interest rate and $3,000 rebate the car is priced at its lowest in recent history, plus a highly incentivized 27 month lease for those who get anxiety after 2 years of the same car. The C300 wouldn’t be left out. Completely redesigned, bigger and a more elegant interior the C300 might be the best in its class, this isn’t the C class of the past. Its more spacious, offers rich leathers and a body mimicking its older brother (S550) but the problem is it still might be chained to the stigma of the C-Class’s of the past. A boring entry-level luxury sedan, which by no means it is, and the sales show it. So to beef it up, Benz released a $2,000 rebate and lowered its interest from high to acceptable. Other models have received some cash, the E Coupe ($3K), GLK & GL ($1k), SLK ($2.5) and if your going to go big, the legendary SL ($3.5K)

BMW sucks, continue reading. (except for 6 & 7 Series, $4k respectively)

Lexus is surprise, hot again and continuing the maddening game of lowering the residual, lowering the interest rate & vice versa.

They are offering a $500 credit on the IS 250 and $2300 on the GS 350. RX 350 SUV comes with another thousand and change but don’t expect anything on the new NX. Interest rates are low for well qualified applicants.

Infiniti is the dark horse this month. Deciding on April to do numbers with a futile attempt to impress Nissan with numbers they are blowing out the shelves. The newly released Q50 sports low interest rates and a $3,500 token, the underrated Q40 adds a hefty $4,250 rebate. This is the time to get the Q60 coupe though ($3,250). As far as SUV’s you can get a QX80 ($4,500) although I don’t know why you would.

April is seems to be back on track as dealers have begun to be restocked after a record breaking December. Get in while you can.


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