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After a lukewarm March, Spring is in high gear this April. Mercedes-Benz seems to have come to the realization that if you discount “the best or nothing” you can sell more cars and still maintain your prestige.

This is something the top-line German automaker rarely does, they had a poor program this holiday even if their sales numbers prove otherwise. Benz is known for selling at a premium, whether it be to maintain their brand or keep profits at a level comparable to Stratton Oakmont, the German’s are sticklers when it comes to releasing rebates. In April though, they decided to take a different approach.

Just about everything seems to have something. (Sorry CLA & GLA you were left out) Leading the charge is the E350 sedan, with a extremely low interest rate and $3,000 rebate the car is priced at its lowest in recent history, plus a highly incentivized 27 month lease for those who [...]

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